Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My weekend project...

Harold and Maude (D. auratus "bronze") have not been happy campers at the office. So, I decided to make them a little bigger and quieter place to live. Hence the new vivarium for them.

I started with an empty tank. I siliconed the background on and placed my beautiful rose quartz in the tank first. (Thanks for the rock Billy!)

Next I added the rocks for the water feature in the front of the tank. Then comes the hydroponic clay balls. They help with drainage. I decided to put small white rocks all along the sides too, just for the sake of appearance.

Here is a picture of the tank from the front.

And I get so excited at this point that I always forget to take a picture with only soil and wood in place. So, this is the (almost) finished viv. for my bronze beauties! I will add a little more ricca grass and maybe another Creeping Fig. Anyway...

... Harold and Maude were absolutely ecstatic! They have been jumping around the whole thing. They are looking for new hiding spaces and things to climb on.

Maude is still a little camera shy.

Here she was hunting for food before she saw the camera flash.

Harold, on the other hand, is always ready for a picture.

Have a hoppy day!

ps. I will be Aunt Leslie in just 5 days... if not before...

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abby said...

Weird..... the fact that you will me an aunt in 5 days and I'll be a mom.
Also weird... YOU! But I love you and your little friends too.