Monday, September 29, 2008

I think I have "Baby Envy"!

Or maybe it is just a frog problem...

This past weekend I drug Billy to my very first Reptile Expo! I wanted to see what kind of folks show up at these things. Well, there were a lot of young pimple faced boys with their allowance (from SEVERAL months) stuffed in their pockets. We also saw the occasional tattooed and pierced reptile/herp. fan. And of coarse there were a few MAD science teachers in the group. This is when I realized I should have been a middle school science teacher and my animal and bug "love" wouldn't be frowned upon. It could be all in the name of science! Oh well... I am used to being frowned upon... or at least looked at funny.

I guess I should just get down to the point.

I got two more frogs.

Two of the dendrobate imitator "Tarapoto". They are also called thumbnails. At adulthood they are less than half an inch long. Itty bitty! And the coloring on these really little beauties is like a rainbow!

So... now I am proud to introduce Rainy and Beau!!!

And I thought I would throw in a cute picture of the boys napping on my couch. (Billy, Willie and Rowdy)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quirk OFF... ok Abby!

I have been challenged to a quirk off. And against quirk off rules (I am sure!) my sister gave me a head start. Which I must say was a little exaggerated! So, I will start with a few adjustments to my so called quirks.

1. Abby quoted me as saying "I just don't think I am that quirky..." Not true! I just was having a hard time determining between the normal and the quirky.

2. When my snake died (after 20 years of pet hood) my boyfriend bought me a Red Eyed Tree Frog. While at the pet store buying crickets for Fiona I saw and fell in love with Frank the Tank. He is a Poison Dart Frog (although they are not poisonous in captivity). Fiona didn't make it and Frank was lonely so I ordered him three friends from Ohio (he is less than half an inch long and was all alone in a 45 gallon tank!) These little buggers are so fun! So... I made a little home for a couple of PDF's on my desk at my office. I think this is all reasonable!

3. Yes. I do order three drinks every time I am at Sonic. I get a Diet Coke for the caffeine. A Diet Sprite for the flavor. And... a water for sustenance. Totally makes sense to me.

4. I used to have a problem with opening a gift-wrapped box. I was always taught not to rip paper. In second grade I got in big trouble when I ripped my school paper out of my teachers hands! And some of the paper is so pretty! I did have a problem with keeping some of the paper because I didn't feel right about throwing it away. But... I have rid myself of all that mess since the sale of my house. (I think... there are a couple of boxes I haven't tried to conquer yet.)

5. I totally admit to keeping my chewed up gum on note cards with the details of the day on it. It was sorta like my diary.

6. I am an animal lover! Okay? I was driving (with Penny the cat in tow) to visit my sister in College Station once. It was late... there was a baby cow in the road in the middle of nowhere. I called 911 but they wanted to know where I was. I had no idea. So, in order to save the baby and maybe a life or two I got out of the car and ran towards the cow till it trotted off the road and then I went to the neighbors houses to see if they were missing a cow. Nobody was home. I still wonder if she ever made it home...

7. I don't always steal the rocks. Sometimes I will throw a quarter in the fountain nearby. Or my main man, Billy, will bring one home to me! And, now they serve as a rock garden for the ceramic frog Billy got me for my doorstep. So cute!

8. I like real honey with with my Chick-fil-a nuggets. I only need 4 though. And by the way... I only like catsup in packets. I hate cold catsup!

9. And now I will through my own favorite quirk... I have a plethera of costume and costume like clothing. I love thrift stores and I love fun old stuff. I like wigs and funny hats. I am also known to have more make-up than a make-up company. Though I rarly wear any.

10. Last but not least... I think it is funny to say "my butt" before or after almost anything. I know... I'm 30. But, I think "my butt is funny". See! It works!

Now... how is that for quirky?

You are welcome to add any you have seen or heard. I am proud to be a little different!

The Frog Blog

Well... as most of you well know... when I like something I really like it! So, after the passing of my many pets I developed an affection for the fabulous Poison Dart Frog (which are NOT poisonus in captivity). Anyway, the only way to keep these little beauties is in a vivarium.

A vivarium (Latin, literally for "place of life;" plural: vivaria or vivariums) is an area, usually enclosed, for keeping and raising animals or plants for observation or research.

My first vivarium is above. It includes a water feature (waterfall and pond) and several hiding places for my tiny friends.

Now to introduce you to my little friends...
My first PDF was Frank "The Tank". He has been very happy since his move to the new place with his new buddies.

Frank is of the species D. leucomelas. Also called the Bumble Bee Dart Frog. He has tons of personality!

Chubs looks very similar but is camera shy...

Fancy is of the species d. azureus. Also called Blue Dart Frog. She loves the waterfall!

Fancy's friend, Jeramiah, is also very camera shy...

Here is my office vivarium! And my two lovely D. auratus "bronze".

This is Harold... he is a little bit greener with a smaller bronze spot on his back. He is also a little smaller than his partner in crime.

And now meet Maude... she is a beautiful turquoise color with a more oval bronze spot on her back. They love to climb the walls and hide in their cocohut!

Have a hoppy day!!!