Saturday, March 28, 2009

Leah's 1st photo shoot with Aunt Leslie!

Today I got the pleasure to do a photo shoot with little Miss Leah Caroline Curley! My sister wanted to have some black and white pictures for her birth announcements. It was a delight! Leah is absolutely perfect! How could I take a bad picture of her? Here are a few of my favorites...

And here is one of Leah's big sister, Beans... can't leave out the big sister! (I know!)

Friday, March 27, 2009

to Art or not to Art... that is the question...

I have a really big decision to make in the next couple of months.

I have had a lifelong interest in photography. Because of my Dad, I grew up with a camera always in my face! He took pictures of his three girls (Mom, Abby and me) all the time! It has been said that there was even a darkroom in the house at one point. I think mix of chemicals and toddlers was the reason it didn't survive. But... back to my point... because of my fathers love for the camera and the product of the camera (photos) I have a beautifully documented childhood.

Watching my dad and seeing things through his perspective showed me how differently each person sees the world. Things that he might take note of or catch in a brief moment I might never have had the chance to see. And so goes my passion for taking photographs. I hope that just once I can show someone something they may never have seen with their own eyes. Whether it be a beautiful Angolan child, a cicada emerging from its shell, a baby's first smile or a couple of moths mating... I take pride in knowing I can catch the moment and have the opportunity to share it with other people.

Again... back to my point... I have been looking into attending The Art Institute of Dallas. I know how to point and shoot. I know how to watch my four corners. I even know when I took a crap shot! I don't know the actual mechanics of the camera, lighting or really anything about digital photography. I also could use some schooling in different types of photography like portraiture, architectural, wedding, etc. If I decide to go to school I would also hope to learn some techniques to improve my skills at my current job.

So, it all sounds great right? Everything besides the cost of the school... which I CANNOT afford! I will have to get school loans. At the ripe old age of 31 I never thought about having any sort of (large) debt aside from a home. This will obviously postpone the procurement of a home... and the mass-production of children I was hoping for. But, I will have a marketable skill! Wowzer!

I will now ask for your prayers and advice... I love to shoot! Should I make it my living?


Friday, March 20, 2009

It's funny cause it's true!

I was wondering if I could copy my tweets and give them to my therapist... maybe then I wouldn't have to talk so much. Plus, she is always trying to get me to journal! It's the same right?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

through my eyes... scene IV

Things people do in Luanda Angola...

home improvement...


Selling... fruit and nuts...

...handmade brooms...

...air fresheners... or anything they can find. We saw someone selling toilet paper on the street too!

Soccer games go on all over the place!



... and going to Church are also some of the things these beautiful people do.

Update on next trip to Angola:

I received an email from our team leader earlier this week! We are going to try and schedule a trip for maybe June 3rd or 4th through June 15th to go into the Interior to hand out Nets in the Villages or fly to Cunene/Ungiva (?) to hand out Nets to the Refugee camps. There has been a lot of flooding and so they have these Refugee camps that have no help.

That is all I know for now... things could change or fall through if we can't get the funding needed or if we aren't able to purchase enough nets. Please pray for our team and the people who's lives could be touched.

Thank you!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Do Something Funny For Money!

Today is Red Nose Day in the UK. I love the idea and think it is another great opportunity for us to help the people of Africa.

Have a fun filled day!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy birthday to me!!!

Thank you to all of you who made my birthday extra special... It all started Saturday night when Billy made me dinner and a red velvet cake! Yum! And Sunday my mom and dad hosted a brunch at their house with my favorite... muffins and mimosas! Then I got the best Sunday afternoon nap! Today my office mates greeted me with a cake... chocolate with butter cream icing AND ice cream!

Then for lunch we all met at my ALL TIME FAVORITE... LUBY's!!! I was so very excited! Here are some pictures of the lunch bunch and my favorite guest, Leah!

I got tons of fun gifts but my favorite would have to be from my very clever sister... in fact she had to explain it to me a little bit... A Blackjack but the phone isn't ready yet so she gave me this. She really is clever.

Leah and I were both exhausted after lunch and I wished I could just snuggle up with her under the blanket!

And because he is sooooo cute I wanted to put up a picture of Billy! Love him!

Also, I can't forget all the well wishers on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter... thank you for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday!

Love to all!