Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I need Africa...

I saw this video posted on a friends blog today. Boy does God know when I need a kick in the rear!

I have been moping around for the past couple of weeks because MY life isn't going the way I wanted it to go! I have been subconsciously yet fervently looking for something to "obsess" about (a little game I play to avoid depression... hence the frogs... and the earrings... and food... and sleep).

Anyway, I had almost forgotten the opportunity I was given. I need Africa more than Africa needs me!

I need to remember the joy in the face of the child with nothing. I need to remember the excitement in the eyes of the man hearing the Gospel the first time. I need to remember the woman graciously receiving a gift from a stranger. So many beautiful memories I was given on my trip to Angola.

How could I have become so jaded in such a short time? They have so little and I have so much! How could I forget how blessed I am?

I am ashamed at my lack of faith! I know that MY God has a plan for me and I need to relax and follow Him.

I need Africa more than Africa needs me. Do you?

In the following weeks I am going to post some of my favorite photos of my trip to Luanda, Angola. I hope they give you a glimmer of the hope they gave me.


betty cooper said...

way to slap yourself around to your good senses. bookmark this page and pull it up every day. remember your joy should have no regard to your circumstances. Your joy comes from relationships and faith. couldn't have said it better. go girl.

abby said...

So true and thank you for reminding all of us.

The fun thing I've realized is that God's plan is always WAY better than the one we had for ourselves, we just have to back up to let Him lead us there.