Thursday, September 24, 2009

All I can think about...

My sister, Abby, and I both started the South Beach Diet (AGAIN) this past Monday. I need to loose 100 pounds! I weighed at the doctor on Tuesday when I went in to check up on my new blood pressure medicine. Yes, I said blood pressure medicine! I believe that the illnesses I was diagnosed with this summer are a result of my weight gain along with my high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatigue, and maybe this latest bout with depression. So, I am doing this diet one day at a time... Plus a dear friend of mine is getting married in the Spring and I have to be skinny in the pictures! Another day, another diet... that is what you are thinking... But, the 100 lb mark was pretty shocking and besides my health I have a goal. An important date (that I can't change) that I have to be ready for. I know I can't loose the entire amount by the wedding but at least half.

So back to the top... all I can think about... I was talking to my sister this morning about how gross we used to eat. And how much we don't even want that crap we used to eat! And now ALL I can think about... is a Whataburger with cheese and crispy bacon and pickles and french fries on top!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fake out!

This morning I went to a doctors appointment that is scheduled for NEXT month on the 22nd! The receptionist and I laughed and laughed... but I was crying on the inside. Just kidding! I didn't really care becuase I was early for my next appointment and I had my knitting.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!