Thursday, September 24, 2009

All I can think about...

My sister, Abby, and I both started the South Beach Diet (AGAIN) this past Monday. I need to loose 100 pounds! I weighed at the doctor on Tuesday when I went in to check up on my new blood pressure medicine. Yes, I said blood pressure medicine! I believe that the illnesses I was diagnosed with this summer are a result of my weight gain along with my high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatigue, and maybe this latest bout with depression. So, I am doing this diet one day at a time... Plus a dear friend of mine is getting married in the Spring and I have to be skinny in the pictures! Another day, another diet... that is what you are thinking... But, the 100 lb mark was pretty shocking and besides my health I have a goal. An important date (that I can't change) that I have to be ready for. I know I can't loose the entire amount by the wedding but at least half.

So back to the top... all I can think about... I was talking to my sister this morning about how gross we used to eat. And how much we don't even want that crap we used to eat! And now ALL I can think about... is a Whataburger with cheese and crispy bacon and pickles and french fries on top!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Marci said...

Good luck with your diet. I've seen my mom struggle with weight her entire life, so I KNOW it's hard! Hang in there. I'm sure it'll get easier as you adjust to the new way of eating. And really, give yourself one meal per week to blow. You can't TOTALLY deprive yourself, ya know? B/c that makes you REALLY want it!