Monday, September 29, 2008

I think I have "Baby Envy"!

Or maybe it is just a frog problem...

This past weekend I drug Billy to my very first Reptile Expo! I wanted to see what kind of folks show up at these things. Well, there were a lot of young pimple faced boys with their allowance (from SEVERAL months) stuffed in their pockets. We also saw the occasional tattooed and pierced reptile/herp. fan. And of coarse there were a few MAD science teachers in the group. This is when I realized I should have been a middle school science teacher and my animal and bug "love" wouldn't be frowned upon. It could be all in the name of science! Oh well... I am used to being frowned upon... or at least looked at funny.

I guess I should just get down to the point.

I got two more frogs.

Two of the dendrobate imitator "Tarapoto". They are also called thumbnails. At adulthood they are less than half an inch long. Itty bitty! And the coloring on these really little beauties is like a rainbow!

So... now I am proud to introduce Rainy and Beau!!!

And I thought I would throw in a cute picture of the boys napping on my couch. (Billy, Willie and Rowdy)


julie said...

I love that Leslie! I am envious! How hard are these frogs to take care of again?

Brandie said...

How fun!

abby said...

I'm only having 1 baby... not 8... so I'm thinking it's more of a problem you have with compuslive pet-owning and on-line purchasing. :)

betty cooper said...

As much as I say WAAAAAAAAAAYY too many frogs, at least it's not a baby!!!

Did you see anybody like you at this reptilian/amphibian/fest? Oh, wait, there is nobody like you!! one of a kind for sure.