Monday, June 28, 2010


My high school class whose slogan was, "Nothing else to say, we are just out of here!" is thinking of having a 15 year reunion! What, I thought we had nothing else to say??? Well, of course I will go if it really comes to fruition. That is unless I am still a FATSO! But, I have been working out with my mother and I am down 15 lbs. Which is like NOTHING! And, I am sure I have lost some of that weight before but I am not even going to look back at previous blog posts and find out... Here is our senior picture (in pieces)... I am in the third one... (actually kinda smiling :) )

Well, dinner with my parents tonight and then off to my friend Lizzy's house to help her set up a blog. Oh, and I am off white stuff this week. Which includes potatoes, potato chips, french fries, and well, other white stuff that isn't made of potatoes.

Lots of love!

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