Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

So, yesterday I turned the big 32! I know... who could believe it? Actually, I got this card from a friend I work with that says "You'll never be old as long as your mind is young and innocent, and your heart is pure." Then you open it up and it says... "You are SO screwed!" Ha ha! She knows me pretty well!

I got to have a wonderful dinner with the family last night and forgot to take pictures... we had Caesar salad and crab cakes first then on to a delicious filet with sweet potatoes and green and white beans! And right before I was about to bust we had a lovely pineapple pound cake with cool whip on top! YUM!

And then I woke up this morning with a migraine and a giant zit! What?!?!? When does this zit thing stop? And the migraine thing... come on! I have suffered long enough! But my new medicine really does work if you can catch it before it gets really bad.

Anyway, I am feeling better this afternoon. And... I think this 32 years old thing is going to be okay. I have a few big decisions to make in the near future and a LOT of little ones... but I am positive about the whole thing. I will be fine. And I will look back on this year as a great one!

Have a great weekend friends!


ps. the remaining frog, Maude, is looking for a new home... Anyone interested PLEASE let me know!


abby said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (It was angel food, by the way...)

I am LOVING your positivity! It IS going to be a good year!!

lesliecooper said...

Thanks sister! But you should have seen me bawling my eyes out during my workout with mom tonight! I can't reach my own arms... and I am 32! Anyway mom won't take that crap so I had to suck it up. Now I am just sore...

Anonymous said...

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