Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home of the Fighting Farmers!

This morning Billy and I took a trip to visit the family farm in Farmersville, Texas. We had a delightful time.
Tried our hand at a little fishin'. ..

Took a walk on the wild side... and hunted wild flowers!

We also discovered some very crafty wildlife!
Some spiders use these (cow) hoof prints like little trap doors... a little bug is just walkin' along when BAM it falls in the trap with the lion at the bottom... well, I guess it isn't quite big enough for a lion, but those spiders can suck some guts!

Eye spy something brown... no kidding... but can you see the living, breathing little guy in that mud?

We also stumbled upon this big pink bush (in the middle of nowhere).

Could this be a wild rose bush? It has thorns like one!

Well, after all the sun and fun we could take it was time to head home... look at the craftmenship shown in the making of this fence. Crazy Cooper's!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!


1 comment:

betty cooper said...

great pics, Les! how did you ever see that frog in the mud? Yep, that's a rose bush. probably a long time ago there was a little farm house out there. And who but you would find the spider trap?