Friday, March 27, 2009

to Art or not to Art... that is the question...

I have a really big decision to make in the next couple of months.

I have had a lifelong interest in photography. Because of my Dad, I grew up with a camera always in my face! He took pictures of his three girls (Mom, Abby and me) all the time! It has been said that there was even a darkroom in the house at one point. I think mix of chemicals and toddlers was the reason it didn't survive. But... back to my point... because of my fathers love for the camera and the product of the camera (photos) I have a beautifully documented childhood.

Watching my dad and seeing things through his perspective showed me how differently each person sees the world. Things that he might take note of or catch in a brief moment I might never have had the chance to see. And so goes my passion for taking photographs. I hope that just once I can show someone something they may never have seen with their own eyes. Whether it be a beautiful Angolan child, a cicada emerging from its shell, a baby's first smile or a couple of moths mating... I take pride in knowing I can catch the moment and have the opportunity to share it with other people.

Again... back to my point... I have been looking into attending The Art Institute of Dallas. I know how to point and shoot. I know how to watch my four corners. I even know when I took a crap shot! I don't know the actual mechanics of the camera, lighting or really anything about digital photography. I also could use some schooling in different types of photography like portraiture, architectural, wedding, etc. If I decide to go to school I would also hope to learn some techniques to improve my skills at my current job.

So, it all sounds great right? Everything besides the cost of the school... which I CANNOT afford! I will have to get school loans. At the ripe old age of 31 I never thought about having any sort of (large) debt aside from a home. This will obviously postpone the procurement of a home... and the mass-production of children I was hoping for. But, I will have a marketable skill! Wowzer!

I will now ask for your prayers and advice... I love to shoot! Should I make it my living?


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Marci said...

Go for it! If it's something you truly dream about, then do it. Life is too short. Good luck!