Wednesday, October 29, 2008


There is a song that says, "Last cigarette, last cigarette, one before I go to bed!" That is the song I will be singing tonight.

Shocked?!?!?! I know that those of you who didn't know are probably shocked to find that I have been a smoker (off and on) since I was 14 years old. Those of you who did know are probably shocked to see that I am telling the world... since I have been pretty embarrassed and secretive about the habit for many years.

I have been taking with my doctor for several months about Chantix. It is a nicotine inhibitor rather than a constant supply of nicotine like all of the other ways I have tried to quit. So last Thursday I started the medicine with the goal of quitting on the 30th (per the instructions on the box).

Tomorrow is the 30th! I am ready! I have many supporters! And I have the hope of a healthier and better smelling life!

I hope I haven't disappointed anyone. I feel like I am standing here naked. But, I also feel like quitting has to be something I do in public since I have kept the other so private. Please don't judge me. Pray for streingth and faith that I can do it!

Thank you,
Leslie Cooper


betty cooper said...

you go girl!! you have my support and prayers and love.

abby said...

You make me so proud! And you're a little cuter than that lady on your blog. ;) Whatever it takes, we'll help you and pray hard! I LOVE YOU SO!

julie said...


After nicotene, you really need to give up smoking crack. It is so expensive. And so bad for you!

No really, that is admirable and I will be prayin' hard for you! Anything tangible that would help? Maybe a favorite gum I could send you?