Saturday, July 17, 2010

My return trip...

... to visit my friend Joseph in North Carolina had it's ups and downs...

I had a fabulous time at Camp Pluckyfluff with (my yarn idol) Lexi Boeger and my friend Esther of JazzTurtle!

I was harassed by my friend Joseph's cat!

Joseph took me AND Spinderella for a nice drive... in his fancy 1966 Marlin!

I got trapped in the bathroom by the psycho flippin cat! Seriously!

But, in the end I learned some new techniques...

I had some fun with Joseph...
Gerten was a sweet kitty! So cute!

And... Lexi signed my wheel!!!Oh, and I saw a bunny!
For more yarny Camp info check out my other blog.

Have a hoppy day!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New phone keeps me up at night...

I got a new phone yesterday. It is the first new phone I have had in a loooooong time. Anyway, it is a new iPhone 3G S. I say new because my last few phones have been hand-me-downs... But it isn't one of the "new" iPhones. It does just about anything a person could want! And because of this our first night together was filled with ups and downs. I would wake up and check to see if there was anything new going on (and maybe text a little to unsuspecting sleepers) and lay back down and try to sleep. I am even writing this blog ON MY PHONE waiting for my alarm to go off! Crazy!

Just wanted to share a little me with you. :-)


Ps. My alarm just went off... time to get ready for the day.

Pss. Sorry to anyone I woke in the middle of the night texting!